Home Inspections

Field Guide to Home Inspections

(Updated March 2016)

Home inspections are a critical part of the home buying and selling process. Failure to obtain a home inspection could potentially cost you a great deal of money and hassles in the long run. The following information sources will assist you and in turn, your clients, in understanding home inspections, the home inspection process and working with home inspectors. You will also uncover valuable tips on the importance of a home inspection and helpful links to a variety of professional home inspection organizations and useful information available to you from the National Association.
(K. Bartlett Walsh, Senior Quality Assurance/Customer Advocate)

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Questions to Ask a Home Inspector
  • Do you belong to a professional association?
  • Will your report meet all state requirements?
  • How experienced are you?
  • How do you keep your expertise up to date?
  • Do you focus on residential inspection?
  • Do you offer to do repairs or improvements?
  • How long will the inspection take?
  • How much?
  • Will I be able to attend the inspection?
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WebsitesAmerican Society of Home Inspectors
932 Lee St., Ste. 101
Des Plaines, IL 60016
Tel. 847-759-2820
http://www.ashi.com(link is external)

National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers
P.O. Box 403
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703
Tel. 800-294-7729
http://www.nabie.org(link is external)

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
1750 30th Street
Boulder, CO 80301
http://www.nachi.org(link is external)

National Association of Home Inspectors
4248 Park Glen Rd.
Minneapolis, MN 55416
Tel. 800-448-3942 or 612-928-4641
http://www.nahi.org(link is external)

The Role of a Home Inspector