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Lake Arrowhead – In The ‘Alps’ Of Southern California

Nestled in the magnificent San Bernardino National Forest, surrounded by pine, cedar, and dogwood, at an altitude of 5100′, an area described as the “Alps of Southern California”, and known as “the best kept secret on the West Coast, is a stunningly beautiful, cozy and quaint mountain resort paradise called Lake Arrowhead. Our community features countless outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, backpacking, camping, bicycling, lake tours, water and snow skiing, ice skating, fishing, horseback riding, and much more. With the stunning scenery and wildlife, comes a natural peacefulness that has lured people to these mountains for centuries.

Lake Arrowhead offers 5 Star resort hotel accommodations and restaurants, seasonal weather, and exceptional real estate opportunities. Whether you’re looking for rest, relaxation, a romantic getaway from “the flatlands”, or the thrill of being at one with Mother Nature and all she has to offer, you’re sure to find it here at the lake, so plan your visit soon!.

Lake Arrowhead Village

The beautiful new Village was built in much the same architecture as the old Village, and the dance pavilion was restored as the Theme building, which now houses the Papagayo’s Restaurant.

Lake Arrowhead Village is the area’s main commercial hot spot for both visitors and locals. With a variety of unique fashion boutiques, outlet stores, restaurants, and a supermarket, The Village provides excellent shopping and dining before heading back to your cozy lodging. Also home to a FREE SUMMER CONCERT SERIES on CENTER STAGE, from May through September, Lake Arrowhead Village entertains thousands at more than forty free concerts each Friday and Saturday night and on holidays, throughout the summer.

The Village includes a complete convenience shopping center providing many professional services, and offers many culinary delights, from lake view restaurants and cafés to ice cream and chocolate confections. Shopping possibilities are varied and rich, with factory outlets, galleries, boutiques, gift and specialty shops.

Attractions include Family Go-Carts on the beach, McKenzie Ski School, the oldest continually operating ski school in the country, a playground with play stations for ages 5-12, and spectacular lake tours on the Arrowhead Queen, a stately 60-seat paddle-wheeler.

The Village celebrates many special events throughout the year- Easter, the 4th of July, Oktoberfest and Christmas, to name a few, and enjoys live music and activities throughout the Village on most weekends.

Lake Arrowhead is not only a popular recreational area for visitors, it is also a beautiful year round Alpine residential community at 5000 feet elevation. Come up and enjoy the seasons, the fresh mountain air and beautiful vistas that are Lake Arrowhead…

Lake Arrowhead TODAY

Four Beautiful Seasons

One of the most prized assets of the area is that it truly experiences four distinct seasons. Our weather offers residents and visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities.

SPRING in Lake Arrowhead brings mild temperatures and bright colors as the area bursts with life. Blooms flower, wildlife babies emerge from their winter hideaways, and the sounds of chirping birds fill the Lake Arrowhead air, as people visit for a romantic get away from Los Angeles, Orange County, and from faraway places.

Hiking is a popular spring activity here. There are many hiking trails, with a favorite being the Pacific Coast Trail, located about seven miles away from the Lake, and running from the Mexico border to Canada.

Anglers everywhere know that spring is the best time of the year to land a big fish, which brings pros and novices alike to Lake Arrowhead lodging establishments. Whether you’re looking to snag a big one or just want to enjoy the experience with a little catch and release, you can cast your jig or bait in the lake or in nearby public Lake Gregory for Bass, Carp, Catfish, Crappie, Kokanee Salmon, Sunfish, and Trout.

SUMMER in Lake Arrowhead is warm and cozy, without being hot and humid, and the air is CLEAN!! The gentle breeze from the lake provides just the right amount of cool during this time of year when water sports are at their most exciting and sunbathing is at its most relaxing. Swimming, water skiing, boating, dock parties, fishing, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, and more take place during the summer on our lake and in our beach clubs. Those visiting Lake Arrowhead resort properties can make full use of this beautiful private lake and anyone staying at a Lake Arrowhead lodging can take part in water activities at nearby Lake Gregory. And, don’t forget that Lake Arrowhead is home to a FREE SUMMER CONCERT SERIES on CENTER STAGE, from May through September, Lake Arrowhead Village entertains thousands at more than forty free concerts each Friday and Saturday night and on holidays, throughout the summer.
When visiting during the summer, remember to take the Lake Arrowhead Queen Paddleboat Tour, which lasts about an hour and takes you around the perimeter of Lake Arrowhead. The notoriously hilarious tour guide has a great reputation for his jokes and one-liners and always has the entire boat in stitches as he points out celebrity homes and tells stories and fun facts about the area. For example, did you know that there have been 120 movies filmed in Lake Arrowhead, including Heidi, The American President, Space Jam, Next, and the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap?

FALL in Lake Arrowhead brings out the red, gold, and orange colors of the mountains, and provides the perfect backdrop for camping in Lake Arrowhead. One of the most popular campgrounds is the North Shore Campground. Only three miles from The Village, this beautiful campground features modern Lake Arrowhead lodging amenities for campers, like running water and restrooms. San Bernardino National Forest also provides outdoor activities in the forest with equestrian trails and trails for mountain biking and off road vehicles. With cool evenings and warm days, fall is glorious in Lake Arrowhead!!

WINTER brings fluffy white snow that transforms Lake Arrowhead into an unbelievably beautiful, peaceful winter wonderland. No traffic, crystal clear skys, perfect quiet… Skiing and snowboarding are favorite winter activities at our mountain ski resorts, Snow Valley, Bear Mountain, and Snow Summit. The Big Bear Ranger Station and Discovery Center hosts a snowshoe tour, and several groups offer guided winter hikes, and you can ice skate at one of the world’s most beautiful outdoor skating rinks.

Plenty More To Do In Lake Arrowhead

While outdoor activities abound, there is still plenty to do in Lake Arrowhead if you’re not an outdoor person at heart. The area is teeming with shopping, dining, culture, cozy Lake Arrowhead lodging, Lake Arrowhead resort spas, and fun events that boost the reputation of the area as a perfect family vacation spot.

The Annual Lake Arrowhead Home Tour takes participants on a tour of some of the most remarkable homes in the community. Whether a historic log cabin with a significant story to tell, or a modern and high tech lakefront mansion, this tour can provide you with a look at the finest architecture and décor Lake Arrowhead has to offer.

The Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club, which began operations in 1932 in Lake Arrowhead, has over 350 members and a fleet of over 35 sailboats and The Annual Antique and Classic Wooden Boat Show features historic wooden boats from manufacturers of the past.

Lake Arrowhead is home to the Ice Castle International Training Center, an Olympic training facility for figure skaters, and The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), operates the UCLA Conference Center near Lake Arrowhead, a full service conference facility with excellent lodging and plenty of meeting space.

ClimateLake Arrowhead Community has a unique climate for Southern California with four distinct seasons which support an array of outdoor recreational activity and year round beauty. Lake Arrowhead has a Warm-summer Mediterranean climate ( During the summer, warm temperatures and monsoon thunderstorms are common. During the winter months, large pacific storms bring plenty of snow. The area receives about 300 annual days of sunshine per year. Beginning in late 2011, a catastrophic drought began effecting Lake Arrowhead along with the rest of California. By November 2016, the lake level dropped 11 feet 10 inches. This drop exposed much of the lake floor and beached most of the docks. [18]

Plan Your Visit To Lake Arrowhead

As a romantic get away from Los Angeles, Orange County, or anywhere else for that matter, Lake Arrowhead’s community has a strong sense of local pride. The economy is mostly dependent on tourism, including lodging, dining, resorts and spas. The primary tourism industries include real estate, lodging, dining, skiing, recreation, resorts, spas, and retail sales..

Whether you’re looking for a romantic get away, a relaxing family escape, or a thrilling outdoor adventure, Lake Arrowhead offers a perfect destination for individuals, couples, families, groups of all sizes.

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